Improve English conversation, writing, reading, listening and pronunciation skills. Students will learn English skills in a fun and interactive environment with instructor Naly Ramirez. Naly is passionate about teaching and helping students learn to use the English language in real life conversations, and believes language should be (more…)

OWL can help you educate your child about, babies, bodies, and families. You will be actively involved as your child learns through songs, stories, activities and at-home projects that promote family dialogue. In seven, one-hour workshops, OWL models & teaches caring compassion, respect, and justice. It helps young children identify their (more…)

Join facilitator Ali Harper for this 6-week class for individuals parenting children who have experienced trauma. We will discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the impact they have on development; then some ways to parent, as well as ways to care (more…)

This is course for those who have had past pregnancies and their families. During the first two sessions you will review past pregnancy(ies), participate in guided meditation, review stages of delivery, discuss birth plans, and discuss having positive interactions with your children.