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    Empowering Families, Building Communities

    • Family Photo Day

      Family Photo Day

      Bring your family and your smile to Family Strengths Network on Wednesday, April 26th for Family Photo Day.

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    • Love and Logic: Early Childhood and Families in Action

      Love and Logic: Early Childhood and Families in Action

      Learn to respond to temper tantrums, set boundaries, smooth out daily routines, and calm sibling battles.

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    • Family Resource Center

      Family Resource Center

      Why visit the FRC?

      Social time for kids, Social Time for adults, Play area, Browse books in the library, Check out toys, Meet spouse or friends for lunch, Great space for birthday parties, And more!

    • Smith's Community Rewards

      Smith's Community Rewards

      Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Smith's Community Rewards®.

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