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    Families in Action for Teens and Parents

    Dates: Wednesdays, Apr. 16 – May. 14th, 2014
    Time: 6:15 - 8:30pm
    Instructors: Jennifer Bartram and Michelangelo Lobato
    Cost: Free thanks to JJAB
    Registration Required >> Register online here!
    Ages: This class is for 14–18 year-olds and a parent/guardian.

    Can’t make it this time? Call 662-4515 or email FSN to be notified about future classes.

    Family Strengths Network :: Families in ActionYou want information, not judgment. You want to understand why your teen or parent behaves in seemingly inexplicable ways. You want answers about Los Alamos kids, not just general statistics. You want communication tools you can use today, not just broad theories. You want to be able to talk with your teen/parent, and you want them to talk honestly with you. Join this evidence-based class to ease the transition as children turn into young adults and roles and responsibilities change. Michelangelo is the former Director of the Teen Center and current counselor at Chamisa Elementary. He has a Masters Degree in counseling and has been working with youth and families for more than ten years. Jennifer Bartram is the Teen Court Coordinator. She has been teaching classes that help teens and parents communicate for more than 15 years. This class is funded by JJAB.

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