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    Beth Ladino Library

    Beth Ladino Family Resource Library

    Beth Ladino Family Resource Library FAQ’s

    What types of books does the Library carry?
    The Library houses 1,400 resources on a wide range of topics related to family well being. Looking for ways to help your child through divorce or loss? Trying to figure out how to improve communication with your teen? Cope with your wife’s breast cancer? Travel for hours with your toddler? The Library can help you. Topics include:

    • Special needs, ADD/ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, gifted children
    • Pregnancy, adoption, childbirth, preemies, multiple births, miscarriage
    • Parenting, fatherhood, toilet training, starting school, positive discipline
    • Teen issues, changing bodies, self-esteem, media literacy
    • Health concerns, eldercare, substance abuse, grieving
    • Marriage, communication
    • Divorce, single parenting, step-families
    • Home organization, crafts, cookbooks, traveling with kids, rainy day activities
    • Children’s books, tapes, software, videos
    • Much more

    Can anyone use the Library?
    The Library is free and open to the public – come relax in our living-room setting. There is a play area for young children to enjoy while adults browse.

    How can I check out books?
    The Library is open during regular Family Resource Center hours Tuesday – Friday, 9:00 – 1:00, and during some programs. Resources may be signed out for three weeks and renewed by phone. After hours, resources may be returned through FSN’s mail slot.

    I work during those hours - can I still use the Library?
    No problem. You can search the on-line catalog on FSN's web site. Call if you do not see what you are looking for, since the search engine is limited. If you would rather browse in person, please call – we can often accommodate after-hours users.

    Los Alamos Public School personnel can receive and return books through inter-school mail - just call or email with your request.

    Who is the Library named for?
    The Library is named for a young Los Alamos teen who died of a rare heart disease in 1996. Beth planned to become a psychologist or counselor. All those who knew her felt her deep compassion and empathy.

    Who runs the Library?
    The Library is run by dedicated and skilled volunteers Robyn Ladino and Carole Watanabe.

    Do you accept donations?
    Yes! The Library gratefully accepts donations of books or money.

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